Get a Free Directory Listing!


Get listed for Free in the PDR Directory!

If you are a provider of PDR, we will gladly list you in our nationwide PDR Providers Directory for free!

To qualify, you must be either:

  1. A PDR technician.
  2. A PDR company with one or more technicians.
  3. A Body Shop that regularly offers PDR.
  4. A Service facility (of any kind–whether mechanics, oil changes, car washes, detailers, glass shop, etc.) that regularly offers PDR as an add-on sale.

If this describes you, email us the information listed.  Your submission will be reviewed by PDR Junction staff and entered into our directory shortly thereafter.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We look forward to upgrading our directory in the next few months as we grow.  In the future, you’ll be able to update your own listing and profile in real time—plus, we’ll have room to show a lot more information about your business.  We’ll announce it when it’s ready!

IMPORTANT:  Listings in the Directory of PDR Providers are free, and they will always be free.


Send us an email and be sure to include:

  • Your first and last name.
  • Name of your business.
  • Type of business (if it’s not obvious from the name).
  • The email address you conduct business with.
  • Your business web address
  • Your business phone number
  • Your business location.  (Write “Mobile” if you do not work from a brick and mortar.)