About PDR Junction

The Paintless Dent Repair industry is here to stay!  Meanwhile, the explosion of information in our industry has gotten so big that it’s hard for people to find what they’re looking for.  While it’s not really anybody’s “job” to coordinate information about our industry, it seemed to us at Sullivan PDR Estimator that it would be a worthy project to sponsor this valuable website for the good of the entire industry–and even of our competitors!  “A rising tide lifts all boats,” says the old saying, and we are certainly enjoying doing business on this rising tide!

We have just recently turned this site back over to Jack Pelham, who first conceived it and built it in about 2010.  The original tagline was “bringing people together, one dent at a time.”  And that still holds true of our mission today.  We want to help everybody to find the PDR information they need.

While we dabbled in advertising on this site during Jack’s absence, we’re opting for now to discontinue what we had been doing, and to return to this site’s simple roots.  Our one advertising indulgence is that we shamelessly put our own ads on the site–and since we’re the ones responsible for making it all happen, we hope that will seem fair enough to most!