Sullivan PDR Estimator™ Increases Profits for Paintless Technicians

New estimating system increases bottom line for PDR technicians.

Centerville, TN (PRWEB) August 21, 2012

The recently-launched Sullivan PDR Estimator™ is revolutionizing Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) by providing PDR companies with a quick and easy method of estimating dents of any size for PDR—and most importantly, doing it accurately. “While an increasing number of techs are doing excellent large dent work, we find that their bidding practices generally need some help,” observes SPDRE owner Jim Sullivan. “Some estimators greatly overbid and lose customers while others underbid and lose profits. Our program fixes all that.”

The Sullivan PDR Estimator’s patent-pending estimating algorithms were developed from a comprehensive study of several years worth of data, compiled from actual repairs. The result is a standardized pricing system that technicians find to be logical, fair, and most of all, consistent. “We never knew exactly what to charge for large dent work,” says Dixie Dent technician Billy Rosenberg, “and I believe this hurt us in two ways. One was that, because we were guessing, we often undercharged or overcharged. The other was that we simply lacked the credibility of having a standardized and consistent estimating method. We were shooting from the hip with our estimates, and our clients knew it, which made them cautious about agreeing to the estimates we gave them.”

Insurance adjusters, body shops, and car dealers are now using SPDRE to do PDR estimates before the PDR technician is ever even contacted. This greatly increases the efficiency and profitability of PDR jobs for the PDR technicians, cutting their overhead substantially since they do not have to be present in order to estimate the cost of PDR repairs. “We used to have to drive across town just for an estimate, and then drive back when it was time to do the repair,” remembers Jim Sullivan, “but now the shops can get an accurate estimate in just a couple of minutes and email us the estimate and the repair appointment details.”

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About Sullivan PDR Estimator™
The Sullivan PDR Estimator™ web application is a Patent-Pending software created by coinventors Jim Sullivan and Jack Pelham. The service launched in June 2012 after several years in development and an exciting introduction to the automotive industry at the 2011 NACE Exposition. The system includes two separate applications: one for estimating dents of any size, and the other is customized for hail damage.

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