PDR Junction To Build Photo Gallery of Large Dent Work

The Auto Body industry is not well-informed on what PDR and Push-to-Paint (PTP) can do for large dents.  PDR Junction, therefore, is calling on PDR technicians everywhere to help us build a photo gallery of before and after pictures of large dent work.


23 December 2011 – Cheyenne, WY
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) has long been the established “go to” method for repairing automotive door dings and hail damage.  Since State Farm established its PDR pricing structure for hail damage in 2003, it’s increasingly rare to find a body shop that doesn’t know about PDR, or even one that’s never hired a PDR subcontractor for a job.

During the last decade, however, another exciting development has been building in the background:  PDR for large dents.  Although fewer people are aware of it, PDR and Push-to-Paint (PTP) can be quite effective for some larger dents, provided they are not so severe as to make such repairs impossible.  It would likely shock many people to learn that size is not a limiting factor for PDR and PTP.  Indeed, even very large dents, such as the “pond” you’d get if a an offensive lineman sat on the roof of your car, can often be fixed by a skilled technician.  The primary limiting factors for PDR seem to be whether the metal is stretched too far to fit back into its original position, or whether the angles in the dent’s architecture are too sharp to be massaged back into shape.  In borderline cases, or in cases where repainting is already necessary, PTP often proves to be cost effective at preparing the dent for refinishing.

While a significant number of PDR technicians are already repairing monstrously large dents, this technique is largely underutilized, simply because body shops and insurance adjusters have had no easy way to know how to determine whether any specific dent is a candidate for PDR or PTP.  PDR Junction would like to help with this problem.

We are calling on PDR technicians to help us build a gallery of before and after photos of excellent large dent work, whether PDR or PTP.  Technicians are invited to submit digital photos to PDR Junction via email.  We will take the best of the photos we receive and post them in a gallery, along with the names of the submitting technician and/or PDR company, along with a link to that company’s website (if any).  Not only will the photos be immensely helpful to the industry, but we also hope that it will make it easier for shops and adjusters in need of large dent work to find qualified technicians to do it.

If you are interested in submitting photos, or know of someone who should, please click here for details on how to make a submission.

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