PDR Junction’s Directory at 354 PDR Providers and counting!

PDR Junction’s efforts to compile a nationwide Directory of PDR Providers is off to a great start with 354 entries to date!  No one knows for sure just how many PDR technicians and companies there are in the US, so we’re on a quest to find out.  We’ve been scouring the Internet for PDR websites and gleaning what information we can use for our listing.  While this is a tedious and difficult task, our hope is that as word about the Directory spreads, more PDR providers will “turn themselves in” by sending us an email submission for the Directory.  Meanwhile, consumer traffic to the site will be growing and our Directory members will get more and more business from our listings.

PDR providers who are already listed are encouraged to review their listings both for accuracy and to ensure that it has the information they prefer to have published.  For example, many listings have the “Address” field left blank as we were uncertain whether to list a physical address for the business or to list them as “Mobile”.

The Directory is designed with categories of PDR Providers, including:

  • PDR Company
  • PDR Technician
  • Body Shop (regularly offering PDR)
  • Other automotive service (regularly offering PDR)

This allows for maximum exposure.  For example, a PDR company with only 5 technicians can have a listing for the company, and each of the 5 technicians can list themselves separately, including the company name in their listings.  Further, if that company is the PDR provider for any body shops, they should encourage those shops to get a listing also.  If, for example, they work in 5 body shops, they will end up represented in the directory eleven times.  (Once for the PDR company, once for each of the 5 techs, and once for each of the 5 body shops.)  That’s a strong marketing position for such a small effort!

For those who don’t already understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO), having your business listed in online directories is a crucial part of being found by new customers.  The more websites that link back to your site, the better!  We encourage you to use a free web service such as Backlink Checker to find out which and how many websites link to yours.  The more information you have about your business on websites other than your own,  the more times a potential customer will find your business when searching.  And the more they see your business information, the more comfortable they are approaching you for new business!

It is our hope that our Directory of Paintless Dent Repair Providers will grow into a powerful service for the industry…bringing people together, one dent at a time!  Please let us know if you have ideas for how we can do it better!

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